👋, I'm Jan!

I'm a product manager living in Berlin, who enjoys building new products and drinking old scotch.

I currently lead the product team at Marley Spoon, where we help people cook (and eat) better 🍱, while saving the world by reducing food waste 🌍. No big deal.

In my free time I'm on a quest to make the best gin basil smash 🍸. I also ride my bike 🚴 around Berlin and obsess about coffee ☕️.

My roles


Marley Spoon

Head of Product Management

Leading the team responsible for all digital products, both customer-facing and internal.


Fyber / SponsorPay

Head of Product, Publisher Tools

Leading the team responsible for all supply-side (publisher) products.

My projects


The best places to eat, drink, and see in Berlin and Prague, as curated by my girlfriend and me.

Built with Vue.js, using Google Maps and Firebase as DB.

car2go // Berlin

An analysis of car2go vehicle availability data in Berlin based on time of the day and location.

Data crunching primarily done in python (using pandas and matplotlib) with Postgres as DB.

Where can you find me

Or you can just tell me your e-mail and I'll get back to you 💌. I promise 🤞.